Author Topic: 3 year old Novice Monk is a Youtube sensation with his pitch perfect chanting  (Read 956 times)

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Little Novice Monk is a Youtube Sensation

This three year old “novice monk” has started to become a YouTube sensation due to this 9 minute long video of him chanting. It was posted on Youtube on 8 March and didn’t really get much attention until it was featured on the Channel 3 morning show the other day. Back then the video had only 19,000 visitors. As of today it now has had 146,843 hits. This will probably go up as he was back on CH.3 this morning with another clip of him chanting to a congregation of 500 people. Always good to see clips like this.

เณรน้อย 3 ขวบให้พร น่ารักมากๆ - Thai Little Monk
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