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Ratchasima IT (at IT Plaza)
« on: November 05, 2012, 06:52:31 AM »
IT Plaza has been there for quite awhile already; but single shops in there sometimes don't last long enough to be there still when you're in need of a warranty repair. Especially for hard disc drives (HDDs) that often come with a five year warranty. I'm glad I bought Seagate brand, as they're manufactured in Korat. So it happened that one my HDDs refused service still in the warranty period. But my search for the shop in IT Plaza was in vain, it just wasn't there anymore. Everybody I showed the bill to with the company name on it was just shaking the head. But a guy at another shop offered to take care of my warranty claim for a fee of 200 baht. Worked fine! Two weeks later I picked up my repaired HDD, and it is working still.

Then at a shop called Ratchasima IT at Klang Plaza I had bought a small portable USB-HDD which also refused service after a while. Went there with the bill, shop wasn't there anymore either. Luckily somebody there was able to explain that the shop had moved to IT Plaza, 2nd floor. There I first got to their repair shop in the left back corner when facing IT Plaza from Mitraparp Road. The mechanic there already spoke English, understood my problem, but couldn't help me. He send me to his company's shop in the right front corner of IT Plaza. The manager there I talked to also spoke English well. He sent my portable HDD to Samsung. When he called me two weeks later that I could pick it up another Seagate HDD I had bought years ago at that other now vanished shop at IT Plaza had also given up service. So when I went to Ratchasima IT to pick up my exchanged Samsung portable HDD I took that old Seagate HDD with me and asked him whether he could take care of my warranty claim. He agreed and named 100 baht as fee. Then about a week later he called me I could pick it up. They had exchanged it for a new one. The guy at Ratchasima IT even didn't want the service fee I had agreed upon.

Very often now when I go to buy something new I ask at their shop first. If they don't have what I'm looking for they take me to another shop they know - and make sure I don't need to ask for a discount. :)

They also do have an extra shop for modems, access points and all that's needed for internet access at IT Plaza.