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Korat Shops and Centers
« on: November 19, 2009, 04:41:55 PM »
Estimates are that Korat city, the Amphur Muang, is crowded with more than half a million people already. Any city of that size does have a lot of shops and shopping centers. Actually when city developers think about where to spend the money for further development of the infrastructure they find out first which part of the city is going to be the center in the near future since centers can change and nobody wants to get accused of having wasted money on some area that'll be near deserted shortly afterwards.

The most thriving center of town for the last ten years and still now seems to be the strip of Mitraparp Road around The Mall. Even the most expensive private Hospital chose that vicinity as location. There is a sports venue and a swimming park at The Mall as well, not to mention the many shops of all varieties and restaurants etc. Its ideally located at the main road through Korat with lots of busses passing by and plenty of parking space behind.

Does anybody have some nice pics to give an impression? And what other center is worth mentioning and for what?

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Re: Korat Shops and Centers
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Big C
118 Mittaphap-Nongkai Rd.
Nai Muang, Muang
Nakhon Ratchasima 30000
GPS:   14.982,102.092
Telephone:   0-4429-5050
Fax:   0-4429-5030
Take Mittaphap Road. from downtown and go down the way to Bangkok. Then turn right at traffic light on the way to Khonkaen province. Store is on the right of Mittaphap Rd. Go down the way and makes a U-turn in front of transport station.
Big C Korat

The Mall
1242/2 Mitthapap Road 
Telephone 044 231000 
The website is in Thai but also has upcoming promotions and events.
The Mall Korat

Tesco Lotus
Address 719/5 Mittraphab Nai-mueng Mueng Nakhonratchasima 30000
Tel    044-263-700-24
Fax    044-263-726-7
Tesco Lotus Korat

Save One Market


2 plazas?

Now, about those pictures of lovely Thai women working at the Korat shopping mall.......

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Re: Korat Shops and Centers
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You mean like these?