Author Topic: Where should I look to find good Thai girls?  (Read 805 times)

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Where should I look to find good Thai girls?
« on: September 25, 2017, 02:44:16 PM »
Another post from guy asks Where should I look to find good Thai girls, there's good n bad everywhere in all walks of life, he found a beautiful girl only to find out after she was a hooker, so what, does that make her a bad girl. OK a hooker takes your money but don't all girls do that. Read the comments in the link below there better than the questions asked

Where should I look to find good Thai girls?

As the title says, where should I look? I ask because I met a girl at an RCA club and although she was very beautiful, that turned out to be a waste of time. I found out she was actually a hooker a month later and just really intent on hiding it. Which is about what hookers would do I guess, it's not like they are going to be honest people.

So anyway! Not turning this into a hooker thread! How can I find decent girls? Should I avoid any/all province girls and just filter them out and only see Bangkok girls? Where should I meet them, is RCA too much of a hotbed for hookers?

In my opinion, interrogation approach does not work well with Thais... or anyone for that matter. Treat others as you wish to be treated. While a Thai might not talk back at you for treating her like a suspected hooker, she surely will remember, and potentially downgrade you. Respect matters in a relationship more than it seems at first, and is easily lost, sometimes without much noise.

In general, Thais are non-confrontational and the "interview" will be frustrating for both even if they have no relevant secrets. Everyone has something, however small, they aren't necessarily proud of, and Thais put more value in keeping up appearances than Farang.

Simply take your time, relax and observe, that's all you need to do. If you don't intentionally overlook little details, the truth will emerge at some point. Gently attempting to get involved in their life (e.g. pick them up at work, meet friends) can also give you more information, all while being a good guy rather than the Spanish Inquisition.

If you are pressed for time... then you'll have to take a gamble.

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Re: Where should I look to find good Thai girls?
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2017, 03:13:24 PM »
Just yesterday Bangkok Post featured a good (and lengthy) article about

The author shows that the Thai social system doesn't necessarily see women offering sex services (as low) as "hookers", though it does little or nothing to recognize the profession's value.

As to the question here "Where should I look to find good Thai girls?", "bad" girls can be found almost anywhere, and so it is with "good" girls, too: it depends upon your own views and behavior, whether you get to know a "good one" or "bad one". You just need to judge what fits best to you. If you have to listen to people around you "Haha, he's got married to a hooker", you should think about not bearing their company. Move on to where you're happy!

If you need a "church-going lass" start frequenting churches yourself etc.

If you need a girl to make it easy for you, don't blame her for "professionality"!

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Re: Where should I look to find good Thai girls?
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2017, 08:39:42 PM »
he found a beautiful girl only to find out after she was a hooker

he found a beautiful girl only to find out after she was a hooker, so did that make her ugly.
he was ok banging her for free,doing it for money is better than giving it away to an idiot.

what is it with these farangs,some hookers are more honest than your ordinary working girl. never hear of expats, yes i married a bar girl, nothing wrong with that, i met her on the internet, really how sweet.

ask yourself would your other half be with you if you never had anything when you first met her,you know the answer to that,she wants to better herself. as years go by and she gets fond of you is a different thing, you take care of her children now,if you fall on hard times,she should not forget that.

the other cry is, i never give any money to her family,no she'll do that with what you give her. them that say any different are not only kidding themselves,but also look stupid in the bargain.

then there's the isaan girl put down,they are the best girls in thailand if only they knew it.

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