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9 seater minibus with 64 kids

A heavily overloaded nursery school bus has collided with a truck, killing 18 passengers and injuring 44 in northwest China.
The nursery school bus was a nine-seat minivan, but was packed with 64 passengers when it crashed head on into a lorry on the way to the nursery.

Most of the casualties were young children from the Little Doctor Kindergarten in the county of Zhengning.

Four toddlers and the bus driver died at the scene, while 15 others died on the way to hospital.

The school van was crammed full of toddlers when it hit a lorry

A further 44 people, mostly children, are being treated in hospital, with 12 suffering serious injuries.

An investigation into the accident is under way.

The authorities have promised a crackdown on poor safety standards but have come under heavy fire over China's rapid road network expansion and poorly policed rural roads.

In 2010, Chinese police officially recorded 219,521 traffic accidents that led to deaths or injuries, including 65,225 fatalities, a fall of 3.7% on the previous year.

In a study published by the World Health Organisation in 2010, however, experts found that the official records seriously undercounted the number of road deaths in China, which they estimated to be almost twice the number reported by police.
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Fifteen children died in a school bus
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Children suffocate in China school-bus crash in JiangsuBy Michael Bristow
BBC News, Beijing

Arrest over fatal China bus crash
Van overloaded with 66 children
Fifteen children have died in a school bus crash in China - just one day after the government issued strict guidelines to prevent such accidents.

The children were killed when their bus drove into a ditch as it tried to avoid a motorised rickshaw in Jiangsu province.

Officials said some children drowned and others suffocated to death.

This accident comes weeks after an overloaded minibus crashed, killing 19 kindergarten children.

This latest accident happened late on Monday on a country road in Fengxian county.

The bus, operated by a local primary school, was taking children home.

The ditch it drove into was filled with about 60cm of water, according to a micro-blog posting by the local public security bureau.

"Water got into the bus and because the pupils were pressing down on each other. Some of them drowned. Others suffocated," said the posting.

It added that the driver is now in detention.

Officials were keen to stress that the bus was not overloaded at the time of the accident. It could carry 52, but apparently had just 29 on board when the crash happened.

These officials perhaps want to draw a distinction between this crash and the one last month in Gansu province.

On that occasion, more than 60 youngsters had been crammed into a minibus that originally had just nine seats.

It led to an outcry of public anger.

But questions are already being asked about this latest accident, particularly in internet chat-rooms and on micro-blog sites.

"School buses simply cannot be trusted at all," read one posting.

The day before this crash, the central government issued draft guidelines to guarantee children's safety.

They call for compulsory checks on buses and their drivers.
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