Author Topic: Thais are Innovative When it comes to Queues  (Read 452 times)

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Thais are Innovative When it comes to Queues
« on: February 22, 2013, 01:53:37 PM »
I remember there used to be a time when people complained about the way Thais jumped the queue at places like 7-Eleven.

The same goes for elevators where they would barge into the lift before people had a chance to get out. I had just about given up on it when the other year I noticed a phenomenon on the Skytrain platforms. The Thais were actually lining up in an orderly manner. There was hope at last. At least among commuters.

Another strange thing that I have seen over the years is this innovative method when it comes to reserving your spot in the queue. What is happening here is that the office hasn’t opened yet and so there are no queue numbers. When people arrived they would put sandals or maybe a newspaper or book on the floor to mark their spot. So, even if the office didn’t open for a couple more hours, they could wander around and relax without worrying that they would lose their place in the queue.

Then, when the office opened, they would rush to get in queue to get their queue numbers. Of course, this wasn’t foolproof. One interesting thing that I learned from this is that Thais have a thing about books on the floor. It’s considered bad manners to step over a book. I used to see quite a few people step around the books. Some even dipped their heads a little.

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