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This being a family forum, I hesitate to spell out this obscene word in full:- t*x.  I am just trying to get to grips with my t*x affairs in Thailand and hope to have a clearer picture in a couple of weeks.  I saw this article in the Guardian the other day and it reminded me of one of the reasons I left the U.K.  Back in the day, HMRC introduced a scheme called IR35 which was intended to limit the number of people working through limited companies.  IR35 prompted me to leave those dismal, distant shores.  It seems that, in recent years, some of those left behind in the U.K. have been using an aggressive scheme by putting an intermediate company between themselves and the employer.  The intermediate company then pays out tax free loans to the employee on the unwritten understanding that the loans need not be paid back. HMRC were not amused as can be seen in the Guardian article:-
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