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Son takes dead mother home on 36-mile bus journey
« on: January 20, 2012, 12:23:05 AM »
Son takes dead mother home on 36-mile bus journey after she dies on way back from a day out

Woman, 88, is believed to have died in her wheelchair on bus

A son took his dead mother on a 36-mile bus journey home after she died on the way back from a day out.
The 88-year-old woman is believed to have passed away in her wheelchair on the way back to Preston from Lancaster.
Police said her son, 52, then waited at Preston Bus Station with his dead mother before boarding a second bus for the 11-mile journey back to Chorley where she lived.

When the bus arrived at Chorley a security guard saw the man with his mother and became suspicious.

He challenged him and called police when the man ran off pushing the wheelchair.
Officers stopped him in a nearby street and an ambulance was called but the woman was already dead.

Police said the death was not being treated as suspicious. Neither the woman nor her son have been named.
The man was stopped getting off the Stagecoach 125 service at Chorley Interchange on Monday evening.
A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: 'Our CCTV picked it up, we became aware of a man pushing a lady through the street in Chorley.

'The ambulance was called and sadly this woman was pronounced dead.
'It was investigated but was deemed to be non-suspicious.
'We spoke to a number of people at the time, we were there for several hours.
'It is very tragic. This man has lost his mother and was struggling to know how to deal with it.'
The spokesman added that details had been passed to the coroner.

A man who also travelled on the bus said he saw a security guard follow the man at Chorley Interchange

He said: 'I was not paying attention, I did not realise until I got off the bus and the security guard was asking "Does she need an ambulance? Is she okay?"
'He just ran off along the bus station and the security guard chased after him.
'The bus driver was with him.
'I was shocked when I found out the lady was dead, I had not noticed but it was the security guard who said "I think she has passed away

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