Author Topic: police hunt four ‘free running’ YouTube posters  (Read 1127 times)

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Video here.

Bangkok police hunt four ‘free running’ YouTube posters

Bangkok police have launched a manhunt for four young men who filmed themselves performing a ‘free-running’ show by jumping and running on the hoods of vehicles stuck in Bangkok traffic.

Pol General Chalermkiart Sriworakhan, deputy police commissioner general, said he has ordered Metropolitan Police chief Pol Lt-General Charnthep Sesawej to locate and investigate the four “Youtubers”.

 Chalermkiart ordered the legal action after Facebook user Wanchalerm Permasem on Wednesday shared a YouTube clip of the four to criticise them for “inappropriate action”.

The four were apparently seeking YouTube fame by shooting clips of them free running in various places and then editing and joining the clips.

Among other things, they were seen sliding down an escalator rail, jumping on the roof of a subway station, jumping on a sidewalk fence, as well as jumping on and running along the hoods of vehicles stuck in traffic.

Most Facebook users criticised them for causing a nuisance and damaging other people’s cars.
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Re: police hunt four ‘free running’ YouTube posters
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how are they youtube posters,they have been arrested and fined 1000baht each. wow!
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