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Title: Palace of Wetminster
Post by: Taman Tun on December 10, 2017, 11:36:18 AM
The Palace of Westminster, which contains the House of Commons and House of Lords, is in a very decrepit state and needs extensive renovations to restore it to a safe state.  See attached Report.  https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/jt201617/jtselect/jtpow/41/41.pdf  Various options are being considered for the renovation and the Report concludes that the quickest way to carry out the work will be to remove the entire parliamentary staff to another location for 6 – 8 years whilst the work is carried out. 
It is not only the Palace of Westminster which is in a decrepit state.  The same can also be said of Democracy.  There must surely be something fundamentally wrong with a system which allows Donald Trump to be elected as President of the United States.  Also, in the UK, democracy is in a sorry state as, over the years, the arteries have hardened and layers of fat have built up everywhere.  Just a few examples:- There are around 500 Quangos in the UK which are run by self-selected members of the great and good and which consume around  200 billion of taxpayers money each year.  Also, there is the House of Lords which is widely regarded as the best day care centre for old folks in the whole wide world.  And we must not forget the electorate:- If there were to be a General Election in the UK next week then in all probability that disgusting old communist  Jeremy Corbin would become Prime Minister.
So, closing the Palace of Westminster for 6 years could offer a great opportunity to completely reform democracy.  We should sack all the members of parliament (Commons and Lords) and all the hangers on, and close all the Quangos.  The Electoral Roll should be completely revised as this is one of the core failings of democracy.  Problems always start when you let poor people have the vote.  I would suggest that voting be restricted to males over 50 who are not communist, homosexual or poor.  Also, political parties should only be allowed to choose policies from a restricted menu:-
Legalise foxhunting
Abolish the Minimum Wage
Abolish Health & Safety Legislation   
Abolish all benefits for poor people
Reduce all taxes.
Clearly there needs to be some form of interim government during the 6 years whilst the Palace of Westminster is rebuilt and democracy is reformed.  I am male, over 50, heterosexual and not poor.  I stand ready to catch the next plane to the UK and take charge immediately.