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Piles of cash, locked safe found at abbot's home

About 195,000 baht in cash and a locked safe with no key were found at the residence of the abbot of Wat Nang Phraya in Muang district on Thursday night when it was searched following complaints from local people.

Maj Gen Arkhom Pongprom, commander of the 41st Military Circle, ordered a search of the residence of abbot Phra Khru Santi Pattanakan after people accused him of keeping a lot of money there and failing to perform his duties. Buddhist monastic code prohibits monks from having assets.

The search on Thursday night was witnessed by local administrators, local people and reporters.

Baht banknotes of all denominations and coins were found scattered all over the floor, along with scraps of paper. When counted, it came to 195,710 baht.

Soldiers also found a locked safe. The abbot said he did not have the key, so it was impounded and left at the office of a deputy ecclesiastical chief of Nakhon Si Thammarat for further examination.

They also found a bank account passbook that had held as much as 2 million baht, but the sum had dropped to five digits due to withdrawals.

Wat Nang Phraya is a popular temple. Local legend says the once-popular Jatukham and Ramathep amulets originated there.
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