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Masters of the Universe no more?
« on: May 27, 2012, 09:32:39 AM »
For many years I have been earning a living by working on various rail projects around the world.  Some of the work opportunities come via agents who make their money by putting the Client in touch with potential candidates.  Most of these agents are small one or two man bands operating from modest premises.  Their activities are generally restricted to rail or maybe some oil and gas.  The  other day I received a call from an earnest young man with an estuary accent.  He was trying to persuade me to go and work on a rail project in Indonesia.  I had never heard of his company before and so after the call I checked it out on Google.  His company is located in prestigious (and no doubt very expensive) London premises and it was clear from the website that their business lay in supplying Masters of the Universe to the London financial market:- Specialists in CDO’s, Derivatives, MBO’s etc.  So why should such a company be trawling the murky waters of railways in Indonesia?  I can only assume that the market for Masters of the Universe no longer exists.  Maybe I should have asked the earnest young man for a guaranteed bonus of one million pounds to go to Indonesia.  He would probably agreed to such a modest request but I doubt if the Client in Indonesia would have gone along with it. 
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