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      Yaya Touré and Mario Balotelli accuse Porto fans of racist abuse

• Manchester City lodge complaint to Uefa match delegate
• Balotelli says supporters were making monkey noises

Manchester City have complained to Uefa after their 2-1 Europa League win at Porto was marred by Yaya Touré and Mario Balotelli having racist abuse directed at them by the home support. Balotelli confirmed he heard what sounded like monkey noises aimed at him and Touré said he had picked up similar sounds.

City's complaint to Uefa's match delegate came after Balotelli was subjected to racist abuse when replaced by Sergio Agüero in the 77th minute. The striker told club officials that he had heard monkey noises.

Balotelli had been the apparent target of similar abuse in the first half, not long after Touré seemed to draw identical behaviour from the crowd when disputing a decision made by the referee, Cuneyt Cakir. His brother Kolo, an unused member of City's playing staff here, was said to have heard, and been shocked by, the abuse.

"That's why we all like the Premier League, because it never happens there," Yaya Touré told Sky, perhaps forgetting incidents this season. "Maybe in foreign countries they don't expect black players. I think in future it will be OK, they will change their minds and the game will become more open. Football is football and the fans come to enjoy the game, and we don't want things like this to happen."

Regarding Balotelli's abuse the midfielder said: "Mario is now able to control things like this and that is very important for the club."

Roberto Mancini, the City manager, said he had not heard the noises: "I didn't hear this because I was concentrating on the game, but I don't know. I think Mario and Yaya are strong. Nobody has spoken to me about it."

Mancini flies home to Italy for a break and so will leave his showdown talks with Carlos Tevez, the troubled Argentine striker who recently returned to the club to regain fitness, until the Italian is back in England.
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