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Lucky or unlucky (superstitions)
« on: September 03, 2018, 03:24:32 PM »
Lucky or unlucky

I would say most of us expats, even with financial things the way they are, still lucky to be here, rather than back in their own country, why's that, because we took the challenge to travel half way round the world, we had the chance and took it. even luckier you have Koratfart to read ;D Who said, you lucky people - Tommy trinder

So what's considered by the good folk of Thailand or even the expat to be lucky, or even what's considered to be unlucky, in a country which is very superstitious. stepping on a gecko is said to be lucky, not for the gecko, as he struggles to get on his way. kee nok a bird poops on you, that's lucky, not for you though. one wonders where these superstitions come from, i think the good folk here look for anything that could be a sign of good luck or prosperity.take numbers for instance 7/7/07 July 7, 2007 was that an auspicious day. but if something did happen lucky for someone on that day, they would revert back to 7/7/7 being the reason why.

Not only Thailand every country has superstions, like no.13, years ago in the uk if you purchased 12 rolls from the baker, he'd give you 13, hence the saying a bakers dozen. did anyone say no thanks 12 will do. walking under a ladder whilst a guy is painting is not only unlucky but more dumb than anything else.

Superstitions can even tell you how to build your home, steps leading up to your house, 1, 3, 5, 7,steps is thought by many ok. 2,4,6, not to be lucky. your front door of your home, must not be in line with your back door as your luck will blow through, gone with the wind.

True or not, old wives tales who knows, a rabbit's foot will bring you luck but not lucky for the rabbit, interesting, if you have any unusual tales on this subject, your welcome, non members, just press the reply button.

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Re: Lucky or unlucky (superstitions)
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Lucky in Love, Money, or Both

Have you ever wondered why some people catch all the luck, does astrology have anything to do with it, like the month you were born your birth sign, a lot seem to think so. are some signs of the zodiac just naturally lucky. does make you wonder if some birth signs have certain traits and qualities more than others, were you lucky enough to be born under the right planet influence, although the stars and planets show us what we have to work with, but destiny depends mostly on your own choices and attitude. even how some approach challenges and recognize the opportunities staring them right in the face. never rely on good luck it's never consistent, and it has a tendency to run out at the worst moments. what will be will be. Where You'll Meet The Love Of Your Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign, no mention of Thailand :-[

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.