Author Topic: So this 13 yr's old's mom asked me if her daughter can live with me  (Read 849 times)

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Another interesting article found on  Do i smell a bit of blackmail here, if the post is true that is                                                         submitted 4 days ago * by shochickubai

So this 13 yr's old's mom asked me if her daughter can live with me - wtf

So I am a 28 year old American teaching English at a school in a small rural Issan town. The mother of one particular 13 year old student, who is above her peers in English comprehension, saw me at the school the other day.

She called me over, speaking dangerously good English for someone in this rurual region, asking if I could help her with a speech her daughter was preparing. I gladly said yes, so mom asked for my LINE account in order to send me the document. I usually keep my social media and messaging accounts very private, but I was put on the spot and actually wanted to help.

Funny enough, the document was never sent. I asked her about it a few days later, and I guess the speech already finished. I guess I made the mistake of starting the conversation with mom, as this opened her up to chatting with me about where I stay and other personal details.

Anyways a few days after that conversation (today), mom called and told me about how she wants her daughter to improve her English skills, and that she has noboby to practice with. Mom then suggested that her daughter LIVE with me at my place, full time, in order to further her language. I was stunned, but knowing Thai politeness, I just continued with 'hmmm' and 'let me think about it', trying to change the subject.

Something's funny here. I know how the gossip in small towns work around here, everyone in town will know exactly what's happening if what mom is suggesting ever happened. Completely unacceptable for an adult male, not to mention her teacher. I know the Thai guys like to have the 16 year old girlfriends, but 13! Really?

No way that's happening.

I thought maybe mom wants to trap me into forcibly marrying her daughter - or she could simply be tired of paying for her daughter.

Any thoughts on the reason WHY?

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The mother is just trying a tried and true method of improving her daughters prospects for a prosperous life. Even a well spoken Issan girl would have trouble being anything other than an average farmers/labourers wife with a strong probability of ending up a bar girl at some point. Attaching her (marry) to a rich (by Thai standards) Farang is likely to get her at least a chance of a foriegn passport and a gateway for the whole family to be economically lifted.
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