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Legal Notes
« on: January 12, 2018, 06:25:54 AM »
This story was in the DM the other day about Mr. Jimmy Tippett who was up before the magistrates for stealing a GBP 50,000 diamond ring.

Thomas Quinton, defending Tippett Jnr, today urged a judge to defer his sentence for the latest offence, insisting he was on the verge of making a film.
Mr Quinton told the court: 'Your honour knows that Jimmy Tippett has some small celebrity from the book which has that has been published in relation to his background.
'He identifies very strongly with his father, they share the same name, and his father's background as a boxer. It means that he grew up with a sense of growing up in a gangster's world.
'There is no doubt about the fact that this is a man who is unusual before the court because, when one looks at his record, in his teens and mid-twenties he was definitely embarking on a career as a criminal.
'The world in which he grew up had clearly left its mark on him. But something rather odd happens and that the last offence for dishonesty is 1999 until we have a single offence in 2013.
'But then what happens since he appears in that court – well that is where his life has taken a turn because that book which your honour has was published in 2014 and it through the successful sale of that book that he has been able to turn those book rights into film rights.'
Tippett's lawyer asked for a six-month adjournment before sentence so he can prove to the judge that he is serious about his book and film projects.
But Judge Deva Pillay announced: 'That is not going to happen. It is custody today, 2 years jail.
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