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how will it all end
« on: April 29, 2020, 12:53:41 AM »
I wonder how this will all end or will we end first, are the problems we have today due to neglect of our world, causing nature to hit back. judging by the weather that could be. with all the advanced technology, scientists, top doctors, surgeons, at hand, the whole world, they can't find a cure for the virus and what if they never find one.

the good thing for us oldies at least we've had the best of this life and the memories growing up that we can hold onto, how it was & do you remember when, style. now i know what they mean, the good old days, what we took for granted. sad for the kids being born into this world of today, having to wear a mask and not knowing any different. don't seem right does it.

Peoples lives will have to change learn to adapt as to defend their health, people have to go back to work, but change their whole way of doing things by distancing. So i imagine automation will come into play with the loss of more jobs.

i would like to think the virus will lessen in severity worldwide settle down once its been around a while. travel will never be the same again, they say distancing on an airoplane, someone will have to pay for the empty seats. the bar trade might never ever come back to life again, so will that deter the tourists from coming. there's millions of bars all over thailand, not to mention the envelopes passing around.

traveling buses and trains a whole new life people have to learn, sitting apart, mask on. football matches without a crowd, so it might never be the same again. family gatherings, weddings, birthday parties. at a distance, no drinking you got a mask on.

another lost product is lipstick wont need that if your wearing a mask, there must be so many other things that will become a thing of the past. unless they find a vaccine of course, or are they to busy arguing, throwing the blame around. each and everyone of us in some way or another are resposable for mistreating the world we live in.

we read in the news people are topping themselves as depression sets in, worrying, they lost their job, how will they survive. medical staff nurses, doctors mentally scared, even if we get through it, it will still play on their minds, maybe for life

we are so lucky to be here in Thailand, as in some countries the medical staff are being exposed to dying patients all around them, being conscious of their own mortality, for gods sake give the nurses the protection they need masks gowns and whatever and a decent wage, without them who's going to care for the sick ones.

This country has given what it can or will to help the people, was that the peoples money already, the media is talking about tourism, it ain't over yet, can't see tourism happening on a large scale for a long time. wonder if it will make the government appreciate the bit of cash us expats bring in like pension wise.

the 3 months visa amnesty that surprised me, i wonder are they begining to wake up to the fact us old farts are worth something. i doubt it.

At least we wont need any candles on the birthday cake, as we can't blow em out with the mask on.

sense of humour one must keep. i hope each and everyone of us pull through these bad times, a vaccine will be found, until then.

stay safe guys.  thaiga  :wai

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