Author Topic: Have you ever sent someone a postcard from Thailand but it never arrived  (Read 668 times)

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Have you ever sent someone a postcard from Thailand but it never arrived, this could be one of the reasons why - even worse my mail never arrived in the UK and i used EMS at over 1,000 bht :o

Mail fail: Postcard left untouched in post box for 2 months

Photo: Ninenot Tanate

A Nakhon Sri Thammarat man has just found out that a postcard he dropped in a local post box in February is still there, with some other letters and pieces of garbage.

Ninenot Tanate, a postcard enthusiast and an amateur postcard artist, posted on Facebook, saying he took a photo of the inside of the post box out of curiosity to see if the postman ever opened it.

Ninenot made the postcard himself using a photo he had taken of the city's beautiful landscape.

"I'm afraid that postcard lovers will be disappointed [to see this] ... I still love sending stuff via mail and don't want to see it end," Ninenote wrote.

Meanwhile, Thaweesak Lorseng, a Nakhon Sri Thammarat post office manager, said an investigation discovered that the officer responsible for the box had lost the key.

The officer was reportedly placed on disciplinary probation.

Thaweesak has promised to get Ninenot's postcard to its destination soon.
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