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Gordon Brown - At it again
« on: January 05, 2019, 11:25:24 AM »
Gordon Brown is easily the most obnoxious politician ever seen in the UK. Full details can be found in Tom Bower’s excellent book “Gordon Brown Prime Minister” Gordon is an unreconstructed socialist who firmly believes that only the State knows what is best for the proletariat.  I was surprised to see him pop up in the Guardian the other day bleating about the fact that old age pensioners were no longer being given free TV licenses.

This fits in with Gordon’s agenda completely.  Only the State is wise enough to decide what pensioners should watch (BBC).  Pensioners are entitled to choice, so long as they only choose what the State has decided that they should choose.
What Gordon did not mention was that, when he was Chancellor in the Labour Government, he completely destroyed the UK pensions industry with huge tax impositions.  This left millions without proper pensions provision.  Again, this fits in with Gordon’s philosophy.  If you let people have adequate pensions they are then free to decide how they spend their money.  We cannot permit that to happen, can we? Pensioners might decide to spend their money on a Fox News subscription instead of the BBC..

The worrying thing is that Gordon’s article has surfaced just at this time when UK politics is in such a state of flux.  I sincerely hope he is not planning a come-back to rescue the country.  He is definitely arrogant enough to think he can.
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