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Free Mr. Slee
« on: January 19, 2013, 05:46:49 AM »
I have pasted below a story (from The Times) relating to Mr. Slee who has just been jailed for 5 years for browsing on the Internet.  I am truly glad that I no longer live in the UK.

A “fantasist” who posted gruesome videos on Facebook of al-Qaeda terrorists beheading captured victims was jailed today for five years.
Craig Slee also put online links to a communique by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) claiming those from the West were “crusaders” and encouraging terrorism.
Jailing Slee for five years at Preston Crown Court, Judge Anthony Russell QC said: “It beggars belief that anyone can have an interest in such material, which reveals a shocking and barbaric depravity and complete absence of any degree of humanity.
“There is no doubt that this and the other videos have been created in order to encourage people to rally to the terrorist cause, however difficult it is to comprehend that such material would have that result except for the most perverted of minds.”
The 42-year-old from Trawden Crescent, Preston, Lancashire, created a false identity and set up a Facebook page using the alter-ego “Hashim X Shakur”.
He was also the creator and administrator of another Facebook account called “FB Mujahideen”.
On his “Hashim X Shakur” account, Slee claimed to be a Muslim and provided personal information about himself, the majority of which was false. He chatted online, claiming he had been on trips to Jalalabad, Afghanistan, intimated he had suffered shrapnel injuries and inferred he was a member of the Taleban.
Anti-terror police found that Slee had no connection to any terrorist network or organisation.
Officers also recovered a can of CS gas from an address in Preston linked to Slee after an investigation by the North West Counter Terrorism Unit.
He pleaded guilty to four offences under the 2006 Terrorism Act; encouraging terrorism and dissemination of terrorist publications - and one count of possessing a prohibited weapon.
One clip he posted was entitled “The Execution of American Soldier Nick Berg”, recording the beheading of the victim carried out by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a senior al-Qaeda figure in Iraq.
The video also contained footage of the beheading of an unknown man which is referred to as the “slaughtering of one of the spies who inform about the explosive devices south of Mosul”, followed by footage of the beheading of an Iraqi army major.
Another video showed attacks on the vehicles of “Jews and Christians” referred to as enemies who invaded Afghanistan unjustly, the court heard.
Outside court, Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole, head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit, said: “It is clear that Slee was a total fantasist. He had no links whatsoever to any terrorist organisations, was not a radical convert and there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest he engaged in any attack planning.
“However, what this case illustrates is the very real dangers of misusing the material that is ready available on the internet.
“The power of the internet and social networking sites is vast and extends worldwide, so while Slee may not have been planning any sort of attack, he could easily have influenced someone else with the propaganda he was uploading.
“I want to stress that this case is not about policing people’s freedom to browse the internet. The materials that were downloaded were not stumbled upon by chance - these had to be searched for and contained very dangerous information - that is why we had to take action.”
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