Author Topic: Do you trust your thai wife/partner  (Read 789 times)

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Do you trust your thai wife/partner
« on: November 11, 2015, 01:14:47 PM »
Usufruct is it non trusting or covering your rse

What with the talk about usufruct, which i haven't done, sure it is a good idea to cover yourself so your not left high and dry without nowhere to live.

I thought it might bring a few interesting replies about trusting your partner. thai people never tend to say to much about anything, you have to guess a lot and read between the lines, which you might read wrong.

Here's a story from when i first came to thailand.

When i first came to thailand on occasions i woke up at about five o/clock in the morning it was still dark, i noticed my wife had disappeared somewhere, strange i thought.

So one morning i followed her, thinking she was up to no good, then i see a bunch of people on the corner of our soi, which my wife joined them. They all had pots of rice and food. Yes you guessed it, alms giving.

Her idea is like a lot of thai people if you give to budah, when you die you will never go hungry and go to a better place. She also thinks if she does no good, then no good will come back for her. that i like.

So Usufruct  trusting or not
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