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I may have expressed my views on this forum previously: The problem with democracy is that you have to let the poor people have the vote.  I have just been reading a book by Matthew Parris and Phil Mason called “ Read My Lips”.  It contains lots of stuff to support my views:

Here is quote from a speech made in the House of Commons in 1832 by Mr. Trevor opposing the Reform Bill:
Under such a system, all who have the real and permanent good of their country at heart must tremble for its future state...democratic reform will lead on to a state of anarchy, confusion and ruin and inflict the most serious evils upon all classes of society from the peasant in his cottage to the King on his throne.

Further stuff from the Earl of Harrowby in 1852:
The education fitting a man to decide on the important interests and mighty questions involved in the government of a great nation can never be acquired by those who, because they are earning their daily bread by daily toil, can never possess the leisure for study or for thought.

As for giving women the vote this is covered admirably by Mr. Beresford Hope in 1871:
Reason predominates in the man, emotion and sympathy in the woman and if the female vote makes any noticeable difference in the character of our constituencies the risk is that we will have in the House an excess of the emotional and sentimental element over the logical and reasoning faculty.

Despite the best efforts of the above gentlemen, reason did not prevail and that is why Western democracies are in such a mess today.
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