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Christmas with Coronavirus
« on: October 10, 2020, 04:27:35 PM »
Christmas with Coronavirus
Christmas this year for us expats might not seem any different as to any other
BUT .. giving thought to back home and around the globe, is Christmas really going to be cancelled, a time when people get together, parties, family gatherings, they could be cancelled, what about Santa wearing a mask over that big beard and a plastic screen in front of him, OMG where are we going in this world. will christmas gifts instead of socks and a tie be hand sanitiser and a box of masks.

reading an article from the the UK. under the heading of

The big day - and the big dinner
Under the new guidance, there will be a limit of six people from multiple households at social gatherings in England, and six people from two households in Scotland. There are some exceptions, but a family of five, for example, could be left with an awkward decision: do we invite grandma or granddad?

Either way, the rules mean there will be fewer places at the table for the all-important Christmas dinner - though there might be more turkey to go around.

then there's xmas eve in the pub, midnight mass, office parties, shopping, pantomines the list goes on, new years eve at Trafalgar square.

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