Author Topic: Air stewardess ranting over the loudspeaker that the plane was going to crash  (Read 428 times)

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Air stewardess announces plane crash before take-off
WASHINGTON: -- An apparently out-of-control American Airlines cabin attendant provoked an uproar Friday by ranting over the loudspeaker that the plane was going to crash.

The incident happened while the plane was preparing for take-off from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in Texas, according to the Dallas Observer newspaper online.

A colleague tried to cut her off when she announced there were technical difficulties and the flight would not take off, according to passengers quoted by the Observer.

But she was not deterred, and finally announced: "Captain, I am not responsible for crashing this plane." Several passengers walked to the front of the plane and helped restrain her, the Observer reported.

The stewardess was dragged kicking and screaming by police off the plane, the Observer said. Two attendants, presumably including the one who had ranted about the crash, were taken to local hospitals for treatment, according to a statement by American Airlines.

"Our customers were not in danger at any time," the airline said.

The flight later took off with a new cabin crew, and landed safely in its destination city, Chicago, the Observer reported.
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