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A Fishy Story
« on: October 17, 2013, 09:42:07 PM »
This from The Times:-

An angler had a premonition that he would land a big one, but he never dreamt that the catch of a lifetime would be a new world record.
Keith Williams, from Carshalton, Surrey, fought the 134lb 7oz Siamese carp for 25 minutes before landing it. The whopper, which was caught at an angling lake in Thailand where Mr Williams was on holiday to celebrate his 56th birthday, has now been confirmed as the largest carp ever landed.
His fish was 20lb heavier than the previous world record, a 114lb 10oz Siamese carp caught by Terry Mather, his fellow Briton, at Bung Sam Lan in Bangkok in 2004. It was more than twice the weight of the largest carp ever caught in Britain which weighed in at a relatively puny 62lb.
Shortly before landing his record catch Mr Williams had a premonition that it was going to be his lucky day.
Stuart Gillham, the owner of the 12-acre angling lake at Krabi, said: “Keith came out to stay with us with a group of friends to celebrate his 56th birthday. One night a few days before his birthday he couldn’t sleep.
“At 4am Keith was wide awake, sitting on his balcony overlooking the moonlit lake. He told his wife that he could feel in his bones that he was going to catch a special fish that day.
“He was so excited that Keith was sitting at his chosen fishing spot at 6.30am watching the dawn break and waiting for the fishery’s 7am start. Every angler who passed Keith was told the same - today is going to be my day.”
By 11am Mr Williams had landed three large carp, each weighing around 60lb using specially made fish pellets as bait.
Mr Gilham added: “At 1.30pm Keith’s premonition came true. After a short but powerful 25 minute fight he landed a new world record Siamese carp weighing 134lb 7oz.
“Keith’s reaction was one of total shock - he said never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would catch a world record.
“He was hoping to catch a Siamese carp over 70lb, and the dream fish would have been one of 100lb as his friend had caught one here last year of 110lb.
“In the days after this capture Keith was walking around in a daze - he is still saying it has not yet sunk in.”
To celebrate his catch Mr Williams bought everyone in the bar at the fishing resort a drink three times.
Mr Williams released the fish back into the lake after it had been photographed and weighed. The new record will now be ratified by the International Game Fish Association. Although there have been claims that larger carp have been caught, their weights were never verified and do not qualify as official records.
Siamese carp live in river basins in Indonesia and China and are the largest species of carp in the world.
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Re: A Fishy Story ♦ wot a whoppa
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What a nice gift for a guy visiting the kingdom to celebrate his 56th birthday

pic courtesy of

wot a whoppa the fish that is ;D
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