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Ministry of Truth
« on: March 30, 2019, 08:39:30 AM »
There have been a couple of BBC articles in the Guardian in the past few days, the first one about impartiality:-

The impartiality of the corporation’s news output has come under attack from all sides in recent years, especially following the Brexit referendum. It has been at the focus of discussions over whether the national broadcaster should be giving airtime to individuals who represent extreme views in the name of balance.

So I wonder what is meant by “extreme views”?  Maybe they are thinking about people like me regarding climate change.  I do not deny climate change, it has been going on for millions of years and will continue to go on changing. What I do object to is the billions being spent on useless windmill schemes which have been triggered by scare stories from “scientists”.

Part of the answer for “extreme views” came the very next day with this story:

BBC journalists have publicly criticised Question Time’s decision to debate the teaching of tolerance of LGBT relationships in primary schools, arguing that the issue should not be up for debate.

The BBC just does not get it that large numbers of “extremists” such as myself regard homosexuality as being totally abhorrent.

I fear that if I were ever to return to the UK then Plod would soon be on my case for my “extremist” views.
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