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Title: 8 Billon Fraud
Post by: Taman Tun on March 31, 2019, 10:02:03 PM
There is a shocking article in the Sunday Times today about an 8 billion pound fraud in the richly diverse UK.  Also in the DM:-

This is how it was done:-

Tom Harper, Sunday Times

A UK gang infiltrated government agencies and funnelled cash to al-Qaeda, according to police and intelligence files. This is how they are said to have raised their millions.

Identity fraud

1 Gang member infiltrates a benefits advice agency

2 Obtains national insurance numbers issued to children

3 Passes to factory owner to create ghost workers claiming tax credits

4 Creates fake tenancy agreements for the ghost workers

5 Applies for mortgages, credit cards and insurance

6 Builds up credit scores, borrows to the maximum and disappears

Mortgage fraud

1 Buy a cheap, rundown property in the name of a ghost

2 Have a corrupt valuer increase its worth after bogus renovations

3 Obtain 95% loan using corrupt agent

4 After ghost fails to make payments, property is repossessed and auctioned

5 Repeat

Credit card fraud

1 Get access to an empty property

2 Submit multiple credit card applications at once

3 Spend to the limit

4 After goods are delivered to an empty house, sell them

Benefit fraud

1 Ghost claims working tax credit to top up part-time factory earnings

2 Claims housing benefit

3 Obtains an NHS number and sells it to foreigners needing costly care

Cash for crash fraud

1 Insure a cheap auction car

2 Simulate a crash at low speed and take the vehicles to corrupt repair centres

3 Obtain a report from a corrupt doctor on extensive injuries

4 Submit claim for major injuries from a high-impact crash

5 Repeat for four ghost passengers

Illicit goods

1 Real factories obtain contracts to make clothes for famous brands

2 They produce 200,000 garments for the client plus 40,000 to sell in markets at half price

3 Family members visit stores with half-price items and exchange them for other full-price goods

Carousel fraud

1 Fraudsters secretly control companies in UK and EU

2 EU company A sells VAT-free goods to UK company B

3 Company B sells goods plus 20% VAT to UK company C, then disappears owing VAT to

4 Company C sells goods to EU company D, then claims back 20% VAT from HMRC

5 Repeat: EU company D sells VAT-free goods to UK company E.

All profits, laundered via money brokers and disgraced Caribbean bank First Curacao International, go into trusts to buy commercial property; 1% is diverted to terrorism