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Bendigo Man Goes Blind After Stripper Urinates on Him

“We were playing a bunch of games with the girIs when one of them instructed me to lay down on the floor. The next thing I know she was standing over me and she let rip and gave me a Goldie. She pi**ed all over my face and in my eyes.”

Bendigo, Victoria | A Bendigo man could permanently lose his eyesight after a chlamydia-infected stripper urinated on his face.

Victorian heath authorities have issued a warning to travellers embarking on trips to Phuket Thailand after a local Bendigo man could permanently lose his eyesight.

Whilst on a Bucks Party trip in Phuket, Thailand, a group of Bendigo men were partying at their hotel suite with a bunch of local strippers when one of them gave the unsuspecting best man a Golden shower.

What started as a paradise holiday rapidly turned into Brandon Clark’s, 26, worst nightmare when he started showing symptoms of the chlamydia-infected bacteria.

“It caught me by complete surprise. I washed my face but by the next day my eyes were all red and were extremely painful. The boys took me straight to a local hospital” he told reporters.

The bacteria that induces blindness is transmitted along with chlamydia, explains Dr. Andrew J. Baxton at Bendigo Hospital.

“Put simply, Trachoma is a bacterial eye infection, not unlike the common ‘pink-eye’ or conjunctivitis. Repeated reinfection, combined with the body’s immune reaction, often has devastating consequences eventually leading to scarring that causes the eyelid to turn inwards causing blindness.”

Every year over 600,000 Australians travel to Thailand.
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