Author Topic: SALE! NEW & AUTHENTIC MIDO Multifort Chronograph Gent quartz M005.417.11.051.00  (Read 2158 times)

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Store Price ราคาปกติ: 22,600 บาท
Discount Price ราคาลดพิเศษ: 19,000 บาท

Original & Brand New MIDO Multifort Chronograph Gent quartz M005.417.11.051.00
Stainless steel case (316L) Diameter 42 mm กระจกแซฟไฟร์กันรอย
Water resist 10 ATM ( กันน้ำลึก 100 เมตร)
Scratch-resistance sapphire crystal (กระจกแซฟไฟร์กันรอย)
Swiss made ETA quartz Chronograph movement (กลไกควอทซ์จับเวลา สวิส เอทา แสดงวันที่ ณ ตำแหน่ง 4 น.) Date display at the 4 o'clock position.
มี lumibrite เรืองแสงได้ชัดเจนในที่มืด
Chronograph - three sub-dials displaying: 60 second, 60 minute and 1/10th of a second.

If you’re in Korat, then you can come see the watch near Old Klang.
If you would like it sent by EMS, then there will be an additional cost of 100 Baht.
Call me if interested…080-484-4801 (Dtac)
Good Luck!

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I'm wondering, whether this is stil a members "occasional private ad" or business advertising already. In the latter case please

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My thinking too.  If you want to post an ad, please donate.  Even if you don't want to post an ad, you can still donate.  Every little bit adds up.


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good call b/f,i would miss this site if it disappeared :salute

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A free ride or free advertising

Seems unfair that one man should pay for another mans enjoyment all the time, even their business advertising, which is their living.

IMO The most important thing on a forum and which a forum can't survive without is the contribution of posts. Now a man with any sort of sense in his head would first contribute a few posts, then gradually bring his own advertisement in, at least he would of been seen as a contributing member.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.

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most are on a free ride here,some ask for help and don't even acknowledge the answer they get,the least you can do is reach for the thank you button,hey it don't cost you. Manners maketh man

did i just post that ;)