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Visit Chockchai Farm, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand: Steak, cows, ice cream and a dairy farm

From the Examiner.

A few months ago, I went on a three day trip to Khao Yai national park with the company I work for in Thailand. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Chockchai Farm.

Now if somebody told you you were going to spend five hours at a dairy farm, your first question would probably be "why?" Mine was, too. Chockchai Farm is South Asia's largest dairy farm and, if you're not into farming, you'd think you'd be bored. Wrong!

Chockchai Farm is also one of Thailand's most popular tourist attractions. It's less than 160 kilometres outside Bangkok, so you can get there in a couple of hours. It's also an incredibly fun place for all the family but especially for kids. So, if you're looking for an interesting and unusual place to visit the next time you're in Thailand, don't miss Chockchai Farm and here's why.

Chockchai Farm Tour - When you first arrive at Chockchai Farm, you buy a ticket and then wait for their next Farm Tour. We didn't have to wait as we were in a group of over 100 people, so the tour was already set up for us. When we arrived, we were shown into a small theatre and watched a short movie about Chockchai Farm - how it started, how it grew and what products they made. Surprisingly, there were also English subtitles (very unusual outside Bangkok) so the western expats in the group knew what was going on too.

After the movie, we were shown out of the movie theatre and then walked around part of the farm to see a prize bull and hear about Chockchai Farms breeding program. We also saw a demonstration of milking, and volunteers from our group were asked to try their hand at milking a cow. We saw how the milk was processed, how the famous Chockchai ice cream was made and even saw an old Ferguston tractor and the first pick up truck in Thailand, a 1957 Peugot pick up. From there, we climbed onto a tractor caravan (like a train) and we were driven around the farm to see the land and the cattle. After about 10 minutes, we stopped at a mock cowboy town and here we could buy iced coffee, milk or ice cream all made with the famous Chockchai Ummmm....Milk! (It was delicious!). The kids could ride horses, adults and kids could ride ATVs around the farm, and then we saw a short demonstration of cowboy skills with whip cracking, gun skills and horse riding.

Moving on in the Farm Tour, we next stopped at a small petting zoo where the kids could feed the rabbits, calves, lambs and deer. Across from the zoo was a small animal show (especially fun for kids!) where Golden Retrievers, calves and even a monkey did funny animal tricks. Finally, there was a demonstration of sheep dogs rounding up cattle and then onto the Chockchai Farm shop where we could buy souvenirs, or go into the cafe next door and get coffee, juices, milk or one of many flavors of delicious ice cream.

Educational Value of Chockchai Farm - Chockchai Farm is not only a fun day for the family but it'salso a wonderful educational experience for kids. Many city children have little idea about what happens on a working farm, so it's fun for them to see where milk comes from, how it's processed and what products you can make from it. Chockchai Farm also takes very good care of its animals. Everything was pristine and clean so you could tell the owners of the farm value and love their livestock.

The Clean Air and Beauty of Chockchai Farm - Living or spending a lot of time in Bangkok, it was really nice to be able to get out of the city, see a blue cloud-free sky and breath clean air. Chockchai Farm is in a beautiful area near Khao Yai, one of Thailand's largest national parks, so it's lovely just to walk around, admire the green fields, the orchards and the hills in the distance.

Other Events at Chockchai Farm - Chockchai Farm also puts on a couple of ice cream workshops every day. Each workshop runs for around an hour and here you'll learn how to make your own ice cream, even being able to choose your own flavor.

Chockchai Farm also runs 2 and 3-day camps, where you can not only learn about the farm and how it works, but you can also stay on the farm for one or two nights in a seminar room or out in a boutique room in the middle of the forest. A wonderful way to get back to nature and relax.

Chockchai Food - Chockchai Farm is famous for its steak and hamburgers, the best in Thailand. At Chockchai Farm, you can buy amazing steak and one of the best hamburgers you'll ever eat. If you're driving by Chockchai Farm, you don't even have to visit the farm. Chockchai has food stalls set up all along the side of the road that sell amazing food. Get the french fries too - thick and so delicious. And, if you love Chockchai Farm food, there are a couple of Chockchai Steakhouses in Bangkok where you can eat it again.

Chockchai Farm is one of the most impressive tourist attractions I've been to in Thailand. It's in a lovely area of the country, less than two hours from Bangkok, and is a fun and educational place for all the family. Chockchai Farm is at Friendship Highway, Nongnamdaeng, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130. Telephone : 0 4432 8485