Author Topic: THINGS TO DO ON CHILDREN'S DAY  (Read 1852 times)

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Youngsters in Nakhon Ratchasima will enjoy science-based activities and physical strength contests at Suranaree University of Technology.


The Parliament House will hold a pretend House meeting for children to participate in. Also 1,000 bicycles and 1,000 toys will be handed out.

l A talent show and games will be held at Buddha Mondhol.

Art classes will be available at the Thailand Cultural Centre.

A drill show, an exhibition of Army uniforms of the past, royal projects as well as the Army's mission for Thai people and weaponry will be held at the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters.

An exhibition of arms, horse riding and a K-9 dog talent show, as well as lessons on surviving a chemical or bio-nuclear attack and other survival techniques will be held at the Royal Army Headquarters. Similar activities will be held at military camps in other provinces.

The Royal Thai Navy will offer a trip down the Chao Phraya, which will include shows on armaments used by the Navy. There will also be a musical performance, a navy parade, games and navy education guidance.

The Royal Thai Air Force will provide air and parachute displays along with games and performances nationwide.

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