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ART EXHIBITION Art beyond boundaries in Korat
« on: August 13, 2010, 11:07:05 AM »

Art beyond boundaries

Young Thai artist Montri Toemsombat returns to Jim Thompson Art Centre to present "Breaking Out of the Cocoon, Growing Out of Rice", an exhibition that reflects a perception of harmony as the essential factor bonding together life, society, culture and nature.

‘‘Art Journey Link’’ is a compilation of short films, photos and videos.

On show daily from 9am-5pm until Sept 15, the three-part exhibition features sculptures, installation art, videos and photographs made from leftover materials provided by the Jim Thompson factory in Pak Thong Chai, Nakhon Ratchasima.

- "Breaking Out of the Cocoon" is the main display, which comprises a labyrinth constructed from disused silkworm sieve plates. Inside the labyrinth is a barbed wire costume, previously used by Montri in 2002.

This section contains sculptures and installations symbolising a perception of Thai political and economic books. The overemphasis on colour can be interpreted as the freedom to learn because how one learns is influenced by how publications are categorised.

Black and white photographs.

Montri chooses to portray this issue by showing it in opposition to the barbed wire cocoon, which is an icon of boundaries, protection and limitations on freedom and the right to learn.

There is also a five-minute video titled Tu Me Manques, which shows a couple of the same gender yet of different nationalities, cultures and beliefs.

- "Growing Out of Rice" is an installation fabricated from more than 100 hanging books which have been made out of code paper used in the silk factory.

The barbed wire cocoon conveys birth, protection and freedom. Growing rice on the books represents the freedom to learn, obtaining lessons from nature.

The grains suggest the importance of independent study through observing and interacting with the environment. To question is the stepping stone towards an intellectual and truthful path that will eventually lead to true freedom.

Alabyrinth constructed from disused cocoon mounting frames

- "Art Journey Link" is a collaboration between Santiphap Ingong-ngarm, Kornkrit Jianpinidnan and Jarunun Phantachat. It revolves around the theme of "life as a journey in pursuit of happiness and dreams".

Santiphap's short film From Peace to Peace documents people named Santiphap (meaning peace) making wishes for peace. Jarunun has assembled segments of her films over the past 10 years.

Kornkrit, meanwhile, exhibits black and white photographs to depict realistic situations. His work, titled "As Tears Go By", speaks of the focal point between oneself and one's environment.

After Bangkok, the exhibition will tour Jim Thompson Farm in Nakhon Ratchasima before flying to Switzerland, Italy and France.

Silk books

Barbed wire costume

barbed wire cocoon

An installation fabricated from a hundred hanging books

Rice growing on silk weaving code books

‘Tu Me Manques’ video

Jim Thompson Art Centre is located on Soi Kasemsan 2, off Rama I Road. Admission to the exhibition is free. For more information, call 02-612-6741 or email

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Re: ART EXHIBITION Art beyond boundaries in Korat
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If the art in the flesh is as pretentious as it looks in photographs and as contrived as the Bangkok Post write up, the sooner it flies the better.