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What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« on: August 26, 2018, 02:57:51 PM »
What is the Cost of Living in Thailand - horses for courses - depends on what you call living - everyones cost is different, you can exist on very little money if you have to or want to. the guy in the article below has chosen to live in a small community in the midst of the "Issan" region in Northeast Thailand with his family of three he explains the costs involved. have a read

What is the Cost of Living in Thailand ?

From it's beautiful tropical beaches in the south to the lush mountain settings in the north Thailand has a diverse range of natural beauty and rich culture that expats have found to be very inviting.  Not only are thousands of expat retiree's making the choice to make the move to Thailand, there is also a growing number of working age individuals/families that have found excellent employment opportunities here in the LOS (Land of Smiles).  That brings up what I have found to be the number one question asked of me which is "How much does it "Cost to Live in Thailand"?

This question doesn't have a single/simple answer when you consider the multitude of variables such as personal lifestyle choices and geographical choices. This is of course one of the great attractions to Thailand with such diversity as to where you can choose to live and and the Thailand Lifestyle that you choose to live.

Personally I have found that living the Expat Life in Thailand to be very affordable and am enjoying living in a rural setting.  That being said every individual has their preference in regard to lifestyle such as city vs countryside, beach life vs mountain living, small apartment in the suburbs vs penthouse condo in Bangkok.  Phuket or Sisaket?  The choice is yours!

 As for myself and my family we have chosen to live in a small community in the midst of the "Issan" region in Northeast Thailand.  I live together with my wife (Thai) and her 14 year old daughter.  The expenses that I have outlined below reflect the monthly cost of living in Thailand for the three of us.  A couple of things to keep in mind is that I don't drink or smoke, nor do we partake in the "night life" aspect of Thailand.  I am not saying this to be judgemental but rather as a point of economics.  Your living expenses will vary from mine depending on where you choose to live and the lifestyle choice that you make, and whether you will be here as a single or with your family.

Below is what it cost myself and my family (wife/daughter) for our average monthly expenses.

    $135.00  Monthly Rent (we are getting a great deal on this house and you would definitely pay more if in a city)

    $  25.00  Water Bill (we have a large garden and do a lot of watering)

    $  65.00  Electricity (we have one small ac unit which we run at night when sleeping and at times in the evenings when really hot)

    $  24.00  Wifi in the house via 3bb with a 50 mbs service

    $  50.00  Cell phone service with internet packages (three phones) we each get the 300 bht 1 mbs unlimited plan via AIS

    $150.00  Daughter's private Catholic school tuition and fees averaged over 12 months

    $  65.00  Daughter's School lunches/snacks (we give her 100 bht per school day avg 20 x 100 = 2,000 bht) 

    $100.00  Eating out at restaurants (we eat out a lot and have a restaurant across from our house that delivers to us)

    $300.00  Avg. monthly grocery expense

    $400.00  Payment on our Toyota pickup

    $  40.00  Insurance and registration fees for pickup and two motorbikes (averaged over the year)

    $200.00  Misc. expenses (covers incidentals and purchases such as appliances, electronics...)

$1,554.00 is our average monthly expenditure (this does not include any visa/visa run expenses or international travel) I currently hold a Non-O retirement visa and will transition to a spouse visa in October 2018.

This expense summary is pretty typical for us and might not reflect what you might want to spend your money on.  Our lifestyle might not be that of the typical expat lifestyle and if you are planning to live here as a single person you could certainly get by on less money.  The rents in the cities are definitely higher as is the cost of food.  We could save a lot of money if we shopped more in the local marketplace and didn't buy a lot of "western" foods in the larger supermarkets.  A single person could easily live on a 150 baht/day food budget (for some even less) eating street food.

We don't live an extravagant lifestyle, neither my wife or I drink or smoke, and we don't visit bars/nightclubs.  Our life focus is on raising our daughter, family and family activities.  The majority of our entertaining is done here at our home or at times at my in-laws home.  We do enjoy traveling around Thailand and take occasional road trips to explore other regions of this beautiful and diverse country.  My wife's sister has a condo in Bangkok (Lat Krabang) and we often head there when our daughter has school breaks.  We do have a few friends in the area that are "similar to us" being a "farang" with a Thai wife and we truly enjoy their company.  You will find a certain pleasure living in a foreign country and at least having an occasional conversation with someone that fully speaks your own language.
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Re: What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2018, 07:55:39 PM »
Totally missing are expenses for healthcare. Ok, the Thai wife and Thai kid might get the government insurance for 1,000  baht a year plus 30 baht for each treatment. But what about him, if he gets sick?

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Re: What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2018, 09:08:54 PM »
Udonthani Thailand Our Cost of Living 2018 - Life insurance 8,600 bht for the family of 3 - oow they have a maid how poosh
51,700 total a month - no mention of the thai family cost :-[

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Re: What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2018, 11:31:03 AM »
what a boring couple.  nobody can give out the cost of living without forgeting something.  you can see who holds the purse strings.  as she says now heres 200baht for your night out dont spend it all  :-[

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Re: What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2018, 02:19:52 PM »
How Much Do You Need To Live in Thailand, the amount you need to live in Thailand is one of the oldest questions around. of course a lot cheaper if you live in isaan, reading around the forums they all give different answers, you might get close to the mark if you talk in bhts. dollars and the pound you can't put the true figure on it, today bangkokbank gives Buying Rates under 41 to the £  :-[ so you live according to your means. by looking at the cheap charlie news, some farangs want to live on the goodwill of strangers, but that's not what most expats are looking for.

Inflation to add to your bill, which makes a difference if your from the uk on a government pension, where no inflation rise is given to the expats that live here. a developing nation the inflation could rise more than back home. not forgetting your computer, phone, clothes, they won't last forever, more expense. did i mention dental care, medication can be costly as well.

Schooling, a lot expats want the best for their kids and send them to a private international school. wow that will certainly rock your budget, can be expensive. health insurance if your over 60 is another thing eating away at your money. But no worries you have to learn to live on what you got and you will enjoy the luxurys more when they do come around once in a while. The guy in the article below from Australia is well happy moving to Chaing mai, well it's almost isaan. have a read.

How Living in Chiang Mai Saves Me $23,994 a Year

Before moving here, I knew Chiang Mai offered low-cost living and that the savings I’d make would mean I’d be in for a nice lifestyle upgrade. But I didn’t realise just how good the value was. Now I’m settled in, I’ve a good handle on my budget and the savings I’m making run right across the board, from the essentials to the little luxuries…
Rent: Yearly Cost Saving: $10,932

Regardless of whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, housing is arguably the biggest expense you’ll face while living in Australia.

In Melbourne, my partner Jason and I paid $1,738 (plus bills) for a two-bedroom apartment in an old building with no amenities. This worked out to $400 a week, cheap by Melbourne standards.

Compare this to our modern condo in the trendy Chiang Mai suburb of Nimman, which comes with a pool, gym, sauna, rooftop area and more.

The cost? 20,000 baht (about $827) a month. That’s considered expensive by Thai standards but it’s less than half the cost of our rental in Melbourne.

Friends of ours rent a much older place, with no amenities, in the neighbouring area of Santitham for 7,000 baht ($290) per month.
Transport: Yearly Cost Saving: $5,824

Cars are expensive to run. Back in Melbourne, it ......
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Re: What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« Reply #5 on: August 27, 2018, 11:30:39 PM »
hold on a minute, you forgotten what the most expensive thing in Thailand is, isaan or any where else.
the girl on your arm is undoubtedly the most costly thing, well it was for me. but i am an honest guy, i admit the foolishness, most farangs they claim to have the perfect life.

Cheap food, cheap beer, cheap accommodation, cheap transport, cheap everything, For me, this was part of the reason for me coming to Thailand. Women in Thailand don't always come cheap though, even out with the family when the bill arrives, why did they always come to me, mr bunky farang. been there done that, starts with a small amount of gold, then the motorcycle, i didn't know she had three kids, i never asked. when it come to her pop drinking my money, i pulled the plug.

when i recover i will be back, but not the silly bunky i was. good luck guys

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Re: What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« Reply #6 on: August 28, 2018, 09:35:40 AM »
Hi Bunky.  Only a motorcycle? You got off very lightly.  My wife wants a Mercedes-Benz.

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Re: What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« Reply #7 on: September 07, 2018, 03:56:23 PM »
want to find out the real cost of living in isaan, have a trip to Bangkok to find out, you will come away with the answer, very little.  where ever you live, can vary, depending on the individual, plus how many mouths you have to feed. I ask why am i here.

why do we choose to be here, is it the rat race of our own country we don't like, even more strange, why did we choose to live in rural Thailand, isaan of all places, some (definitely not me) come here as the wife wants to be near her family, older folk like to live a simple quite life, there is something in isaan you won't find in your own country or Bangkok, some expats have been here a very long time and have no interest of moving into the big city. so what's the big attraction, isaan is like no other place in more ways than one, always find something amazing when you thought you seen it all, isaan or magnet.

The country feels too easy and westernized when you’re on the main tourist routes, but in isaan, i felt as if i was exploring into some secret place that no one else knew about. no there's no beaches but it’s home to some of the most beautiful temples i have ever seen. the food in isaan is without a shadow of a doubt, the best in the whole of Thailand. with affordable prices that won't bust your budget.


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Re: What is the Cost of Living in (isaan) Thailand
« Reply #8 on: September 07, 2018, 05:18:22 PM »
When I came here, I wanted to slow down, live an easy and simple life, that normally don't cost much. But my Thai family just want the exact opposite. They're attracted to everything they're told were modern. Of course all those appliances weren't of much use, as they had first to learn to use them properly; things broke fast and nobody could fix them. Ok, kids need a better education to manage a "modern" life. That means they gotta attend "college", where at high costs their heads are filled up with just useless stuff. With a "B.A." certificate they can't stay in the village either, gotta attempt their luck in a city, maybe even open their own business etc. Now, who's gonna pay all that? :spin