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Siam Tulip Festival Chaiyaphum
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Siam Tulip Festival Chaiyaphum from 9 June-31 August

A Must to see for Nature Lovers. An ultimate treat to the eyes and relaxation to the mind – An Unforgettable Experience !

Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Thep Sathit district, Chaiyaphum, Thailand.

The arrival of the rains turns Chaiyaphum province in northeastern Thailand into an amazing place to observe the exceptional beauty and natural wonder of “Siam tulips” in full bloom.

Locally known as “Dok Krachiao,” the Siam tulip is a pinkish-purple wildflower grown in abundance at Pa Hin Ngam National Park in Thep Sathit district. The botanical name is Curcuma and its flower is butterfly-like. Also referred to as pathumma, literally meaning “lotus,” or bua sawan (heaven lotus), or bua bok (land lotus), this plant is in the same family as ginger and galingale, which are among the most popular Thai herbs. Since Siam tulips are in bloom en masse once a year in the early part of the rainy season from June to August, Chaiyaphum province holds a flower festival during this season each year to provide an opportunity for all visitors to see magnificent Siam tulip fields in a natural setting.

The opening of the Siam Tulip Festival of Chaiyaphum this year will take place on June 9, presided over by the Chaiyaphum governor. The festival, which has become a major cultural event of Chaiyaphum, will run through the end of August at the Pa Hin Ngam National Park and Sai Thong National Park. A continued vigorous promotion brings hope that this festival will one day be featured prominently on the world tourist map, like the tulip festival in the Netherlands.

Because of its popularity, the Siam tulip has become a symbol of Chaiyaphum and, in particular, the Pa Hin Ngam National Park. It is said that people standing in a Siam tulip field would be as happy as if they were standing in heaven. Visitors can enjoy hiking and getting close to the pristine nature surrounding there. Other activities that they may join during the festival include a photo contest, a rally, mountain biking, and cliff climbing. There are also cultural shows and a bazaar of local products.

Literally “the site of victory,” Chaiyaphum is 342 kilometers northeast of from Bangkok and is rich in hills and rock formations, as well as wondrous flora and fauna. The Pa Hin Ngam National Park is located on a mountain with cool weather all year round. Visitors to this national park are recommended to stop at the edge of the park, about 800 meters above sea level. This area is known by local people as “sut phaen din,” or “the edge of the earth,” a scenic point where an excellent view of the province can be found. The edge has numerous rocks of different shapes, found on a sandstone plateau that faces strong winds and rain. As a result, the rocks have turned into picturesque shapes and forms.

The rainy season is the best time to visit the Pa Hin Ngam National Park to appreciate Siam tulips in full bloom during this festival. The Siam Tulip Festival of Chaiyaphum also offers good opportunities for tourists seeking new eco-tourist and agro-tourist sites in Thailand and who wish to observe local people’s way of life.

To get  to Chaiyaphum from Bangkok, take Highway 1 to Saraburi and Highway 2 to Si Khio, then turn into Highway 201 and proceed to Chaiyaphum via Dan Khun Thot and Chaturat, a total distance of 342 kilometers. There are also many private companies which operate bus services from Bangkok to Chaiyaphum. Buses depart from Mochit 2 Bus Terminal every day. Regular trains depart from Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok to Bua Yai Railway Station, which is 51 kilometers from Chaiyaphum.

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