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Title: Renting a car in Korat and dropping off in Udon Thani?
Post by: notsofastudonthani on June 18, 2017, 12:45:20 PM
Hello everyone.

Me and my wife are sorting out car rental for our trip. We intend to start our rental here in Korat but return the car in Udon Thani because we will than fly to Phuket for our holiday.
Do you have any recommendation of any reliable car rental in Korat?

Should i hire a car in Korat and drop it off in Udon or should i hire from a Udon company and have them delivered to Korat?
I contacted a company already UD Car Rent www.ud-carrent.com (http://www.ud-carrent.com) in Udon Thani and they quoted me 2500 THB for delivery from Udon to Korat. Is this cost reasonable considering the distance?
or should i get a car from http://www.koratcarrental.com (http://www.koratcarrental.com) ?

Many thanks in advance.