Author Topic: Khon Kaen to have new museum  (Read 2721 times)

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Khon Kaen to have new museum
« on: March 14, 2017, 02:33:04 PM »
The northeastern province of Khon Kaen will have a new museum to house ancient relics found at Chom Sri Temple in Muang district.

Archaeologists from the Fine Arts Department visited the temple over the weekend to study the artifacts unearthed by Sithan Community residents. These items, which include Buddha statues, porcelain dishes and jars, are believed to be more than 2,000 years old.

The artifacts are being kept and protected inside the temple’s main hall and at several homes of Sithan Community until the museum is built. More ancient household utensils have also been unearth after the archaeologists expanded their search within the temple’s compound.

The locals believe that ancient people had lived here thousands of years ago where Sithan Community is now located. The archaeologists also found an ancient wall, which is estimated to be 200 years old, in the west side of Khoan Kaen’s municipality.

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