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Isaan sausage - is it legal in the real world
« on: January 15, 2011, 05:07:44 PM »
I have just been reading this LA restaurant review and they serve it there, but I would have thought serving fermented (gone off) meat would be against health and safety, always gives me an upset stomach.

From their article here.

Quick Bite: Sai Krok Isaan (Sour Sausage) at Night + Market

Little of Night + Market's menu of two-dozen, mostly small plates departs very far from American-centric Thai fare. Anyone who's ever had larb won't find the beef grapow (grilled, chili-spiked ground beef possibly topped with a fried egg) much of a stretch. A generous portion of dried shrimp gives the pad thai some kick and insures it's not too sweet. The fried chicken wings, served with an uncommon and very tasty jammy dipping sauce, are a treat. The "pork toro," fatty hunks of hog collar so tough they might be canine chew toys, probably won't appeal to most Western palates. Night + Market's mellow version of sai krok isaan, should easily bridge that gap.

Their fermented and grilled pork sausage, served with a wedge of cabbage, a couple tiny bird's eye chiles and a canopy of cilantro, isn't the most pungent or forceful version of this dish in Los Angeles, but the tangy undertones of the fermented meat, and perhaps some citric acid from lime, kicks the pork up a notch and gives it a freshness. It's hardly the same as watching one of Bangkok's countless vendors grill a link on the street, but in West Hollywood, it's a fair approximation.