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Isaan Ghost Tips
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Part of a very long article but pretty good.

How to stop ghosts from closing your eyes

Ghosts are usually a more practical issue for Thais. Tom, a tourist guide from the northern Isaan region, gave me some tips on ghost maintenance. "When you buy a car," Tom explains, "first you take it to the temple to be blessed. Then you must hang garlands of flowers over the rear view mirror to appease the ghosts. Why does a car crash when nothing is wrong with it? Ghosts close your eyes while you drive. So you must make an offering." (Tom must often travel protection-free, as Western tourists tend to favour an unobstructed windshield over the flower-bedecked, ghost-protected version. Just one of the hazards of Tom's job.)

More of Tom's motoring tips: if you want protection from accidents, take your new car and hit something benign, like a basket. This will protect you from more serious crashes. And be careful about putting animal figurines, particularly tigers, on your dashboard. They may cause you to run over small animals. Tom had such a figurine -- his son was born in the year of the tiger -- but he removed it after hitting two cats. "The tiger was hungry," Tom explained.

Tom also explained how you can curse your enemies with a stolen monk's bowl, but it may be best not to get into that. He did speak with some amusement of tourists who buy "ghost houses" to decorate their homes. These little miniature temples are intended to be set up in the yard or on the porch as ghost condos, enticing ghosts out of your home so they will not wake the baby, frighten the animals, and so on. But Westerners put them in the living room or parlour, which defeats the purpose. It's like setting up a cockroach buffet behind the fridge. However, as long as the little shrine has not been blessed by a monk, Tom says you're probably okay.