Author Topic: Folks in Isaan can enjoy a Hollywood movie in their own dialect  (Read 1488 times)

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Now You See Isaan: Major Cineplex goes local with Isaan-dialect dubbing

For the first time, the folks in the Northeast will be able to happily enjoy a Hollywood movie in their own dialect.

Major Cineplex announced yesterday that it will release the Hollywood movie, “Now You See Me 2,” with Thai-Isaan dubbing in the Northeastern provinces — in addition to the usual subtitled version and Thai dubbing.

Now You See Me 2 : อาชญากลปล้นโลก 2 - Official Trailer 2 [เสียงอีสาน]

The trailer, which shows Hollywood stars such as Morgan Freeman, Daniel Radcliffe and Jesse Eisenberg dubbed with the Isaan dialect, received wide attention in social media last night, the video has already surpassed a million views on Facebook.

Isaan is the second most spoken dialect in Thailand after the standard dialect that we most commonly hear in Bangkok, so this will be interesting to see how the locals respond to content personalized just for them.

A Coconuts Isaan staffer said that the language used in the dubbing is definitely “true Isaan” as spoken in the far-out provinces such as Kalasin and Udon Thani. The dialect itself uses totally different vocabularies from the Bangkok-Thai, so to Bangkokians, Isaan sometimes sounds like another language.

Now You See Me 2 : อาชญากลปล้นโลก 2 - Official Trailer [เสียงอีสาน - เวอร์ชั่นเต็ม]

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