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Even I was surprised
« on: November 09, 2009, 08:52:29 AM »
The time of year has come, when all the thai issan folk start to cut there rice, its looking good for them by the way camodia, vietnam and laos seem to be having a problem this year, according to thai farmers bank, there informing the locals to keep a hold of rice, for better prices, though i am unsure why as soon some have to pay back the bank, and the present default government are doing the same as thaksin by holding the price up, good vote winner that ::)

Anyway heres a little news, we have six Rai of land that holds the water, for longer, so every year its a task to cut the rice.

This year it was waist high, wife goes out and gets thirteen workers to cut at 200 bht for the day, a little more buts that ok, i certainly would'nt like to stay in water for the whole day, working day is 8am till 4pm with about a hours break, sometime after 3pm when i was not around my wife told her workers that if they stayed until the job was finished she would give them 300baht  they finished at 4.30pm, ::) i went back at about 3.45pm and have never seen anything like it the work rate was unbelievable, thats when i knew something was in the works, so calls her over and asks her she tells me, so i asks her so you are going to pay 1300 baht for one hours work, yes she proudly tells me, i see i say do you not think it would of been better to bring back 6 workers tomorrow @ 200 baht for the day and they could of started on the rest of the rice paddies, huh she snorts like the little tiger she is, and off she stomps telling me i am stupid and do not understand, by this time i am thinking this is comical anyway, we were dining Al fresco style last night, and we had a lot of the locals visiting, with my son being my little translater, he informs me that everyone is asking if mama need them go work for her tomorrow. ;D ;D ;D ::) ::).

later in the evening the local teacher comes and visits telling me i am the best paying employer in Yasothon ;D ;D.

My wife has amazed in the past, but that one takes the biscuit ;D ;D