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Don't panic i've just had a wave from Dot Cotton, seems fine - no i'm not an avid east enders fan  ;D

BBC shuts off iPlayer to UK VPNs, cutting access to overseas fans

The BBC is trying to block access to iPlayer from UK VPNs, crushing the spirits of those overseas hoping to get a fix of Doctor Who and other British telly.

Auntie said it instituted the blockade to deter pirates from ripping off its dramas, comedies, documentaries and other programs, which are funded by TV license-fee payers in Blighty. It may also have something to do with the broadcaster's plan to charge for streaming in the US next year.

VPNs, aka virtual private networks, have many, many uses – including allowing people outside the UK to stream video from iPlayer. You must be in the UK to watch iPlayer across the internet; using a UK VPN masks your true location, and convinces the BBC you're in the country and thus allowed to view iPlayer.

Now the corporation is putting a stop to all that, or at least it's trying to. If you try to watch iPlayer via a VPN, you'll get this simple error message instead: "BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only."

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