Author Topic: Religious ex-porn star thanks good karma for farang husband monthly payments  (Read 838 times)

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Here's the original story from Harold the farang and the religious pornstar

Porn legend 'Nong Nat' announces marriage to older farang 'Harold'

So whats new. A happy marriage & monthly payments that come along with it  :-[

Just a daft old guy paying a much younger lady to be with him. But some say, if you have money and can buy happiness, why not, as you can't take it with you when you die. It's amazing what making merit can do for you.

Here's the update story

Religious ex-porn star 'Nong Nat' thanks good karma for her husband’s monthly payments

pic@ Natkejsarin/ Instagram[/img]

In this episode of Nong Nat's Post-porn Life, the former adult star thanked good karma for her happy marriage and the monthly payments that come along with it.

Kejsarin Chaichalermphol, better known by her 2000s nickname "Nong Nat," has made headlines in local media once again as she continues to update to her fans on the details of her daily life and marriage with a much, much older farang named Harold.

"I've been making merit a lot. Other than receiving kindness from my husband in terms of a monthly payment, he has also been giving me extra money. No matter how much he withdraws from the bank, he splits it with me 50/50. #Prayers and meditation get you a good husband," she wrote on Instagram.

Harold surely married her for her Buddhist values.

"He said I should dress to impress because he booked a five-star hotel and I shouldn't disappoint him. Yes, sir! Let's travel together," she wrote

Anyway, it looks like the actress is living a sweet, happy life and putting her past behind. Nat's Instagram photos show she has been visiting the temple frequently, and she often posts a meaningful Buddhist lesson to share with her fans.

Sometimes, she also treats her husband with a fine dinner.

"I pay for this dinner. You don't need to pay now, honey. Just pay me back at the end of the month."

more pics from
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