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New trend of young, educated Thai women with farang husbands emerges: researcher

Research shows an increase in the number of young middle-class Thai women marrying white men. It reflects not only a shift from a struggle for financial security to self-fulfilment based a love match, but also a clash between the new social trends versus traditional social prejudice.
On 5 July, ‘The farang husband nirvana phenomenon in social media: Reproduction of the ‘Motherland’ norm in international policy implementation,’ a paper by Supichaya Promboon, an undergraduate in the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Programme (WGSS) summer course, was presented at Thammasat University’s Thaprachan campus. The paper will be published in the WGSS academic journal in August along with other research papers.
A recent social media phenomenon sees Thai women overtly expressing their attraction to western, or white men, while more and more young Thai women are engaged in transnational love affairs and even marriage, Supichaya found. To the researcher, this is a surprising trend because of the social stigma attached to ‘mia farang’, Thai women marrying white men. Supichaya was curious and thus conducted her research to understand this phenomenon.
“Before I conducted this research, I thought that Thai women marry white men from economic necessity, but after I studied the situation, I changed my mind,” said Supichaya, who studied the trend through match-making websites, targeting Thai women and white men.
The researcher found that Thai women have been engaging in love affairs with white men through their own will instead of for economic reasons.
She found a growing number of young (about 18-30 years old) middle-class Thai women marrying farangs. These women are well educated and financially quite independent in comparison with the former generation which mostly came from the working class in Isan.
Moreover, the new generation’s preferences are different from the past. Instead of old rich men, they prefer young and educated men and their economic background matches their education.
There are currently three reasons according to the research study for Thai women having love affairs with white guys.
First, there are more opportunities to study English to improve communication skills, which facilitates interaction between couples.
Second, there are social media and match-making websites that facilitate meetings and dates between couples of different backgrounds, especially race, leading to a higher chance of marriage later on.
However, social media does not ensure that women will have farang boyfriends. “It is like regular match-making where both people have to meet each other’s requirements in order to start a relationship,” said Supichaya.
Third, most of these women do not possess the appearance which is valued by Thai men (Chinese-like faces, white skin and skinny bodies). White men however find them attractive.
Despite all the factors that help Thai women and westerners start relationships, there are also some illusions about Thai women that please their counterparts.
“Westerners like to think that Thai women are good at cooking and doing chores.  Although some women are not good at them, they still benefit from this stereotype when looking for a farang husband,” added Supichaya.
Social prejudice against mia farang...........

There's more here:
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.

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Key element as mentioned in the article, "Financial Security."  It is true that a lot of Thai men prefer the Chinese, White skin, looking girls.  I've noticed many Thais automatically stereotype the Farangs in that Farangs like dark skin women only.  For me, as a farang, nothing could be further from the truth and I'm not sure how the Thais came up with this phenomenon, but I do have a clue as to why they think that way.  Whenever my wife and I go out, she will from time to time get questioned by a Thai as to why her Farang husband married a white skin Chinese Thai. The typical is "Why your husband marry Chinese girl you?  I thinking Farang like lady black skin."   My response is "I don't care about the color of the skin.  I care about the color of the heart." 

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Well bloody said BF !
How refreshing !

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Thank you, Roger.  I do mean that 100%.   :spin