Author Topic: First high profile case of a foreigner being blacklisted for overstay  (Read 711 times)

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Ukrainian faces 5-year blacklist for 337-day overstay

A homeless Ukrainian man has become the first high-profile case of a foreigner being blacklisted from Thailand under new immigration regulations when he was caught overstaying his visa by nearly a year.

He was taken into custody by Chonburi Immigration Office police April 26 near Jomtien Beach Road and Soi 5. He had no identification or travel documents on him.

Officers searched the immigration database and discovered he had entered the kingdom on Aug. 31, 2014 and had permission to stay in the country until May 28 last year, leaving him with 337 days of overstay.

Homeless and hungry, the Ukrainian was given food and drink before being processed for deportation.

Under new regulations that went into effect March 20, he now faces being banned from Thailand for five years. He is the first case reported by Chonburi Immigration of a ban for a serious overstay.

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And in my opinion, he deserves to be deported and banned for re-entry permanently