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Thais sign petition to kick My Mate Nate out of the country

Last year My Mate Nate does an apologetic wai in a YouTube video after being criticized for mocking Thai people’s English level. Screenshot: My Mate Nate/ YouTube

Thais netizens joined forces in an attempt to boot controversial expat YouTuber My Mate Nate out of the country. The latest petition that’s going viral asks the immigration department to cancel his visa and exile him from Thailand.

American Nate Barling’s recent YouTube video, in which he flattened coins on a train track, has drawn criticism over the hazard it may have caused to the train.

The petition, which has been signed by over 50,000 people, demanded that the Thai government kick him out of Thailand because he has “caused public annoyance and disrespected Thai people.” The petition went on to cite his previous misbehavior, adding that his YouTube channel, which he makes profit from, is “easily accessible by children” and is “setting a bad example” to the country’s youth, who staunchly defend him on internet forums. 

Last year, Bartling had to apologize to the entire nation for mocking Thai people’s English level. Months later, he was criticized for torturing his cats and was charged with animal cruelty. Despite that, the expat remains a big internet star in the country and boasts a huge following of 3.2 million YouTube subscribers. However, many people also point out that most of Bartling’s fans are impressionable school children who lacks common sense and critical thinking.

Meanwhile, the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) is preparing to charge Bartling with trespassing on their property for filming the video, Sanook reported.

Professor Mongkol Mongkolwongroj, from King Mongkut’s University of Technology, explained that despite the coins’ materials being “weaker” than the train’s wheels and tracks, Bartling’s experiment could have caused irregular movements from the wheels and lead to damages.
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