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Ubon school a model of sustainability
« on: April 16, 2016, 04:25:14 PM »
Under the title "Ubon school a model of sustainability" The Nation features an article that involves production of solar energy. There it is stated that for only 180,000 Baht solar modules were bought to bring down the electricity bill from a monthly 6,000 to only 40 Baht to keep the meter. Any idea where to get such cheap and efficient solar modules? Or does the efficiency rather lie in being happy with the little power they get now?
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Re: Ubon school a model of sustainability
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Hi Johnnie,

I wonder if the school has done a full costing exercise?  As well as the panels there is an inverter and battery bank to keep the power going after dark.  Batteries have a long life if kept around 23C but battery life reduces dramatically with temperature.  Temperatures of 35 to 40 C would not be life enhancing so it would be necessary to factor battery replacement into the costs.  Wonder if anyone in Korat has had a go at this?
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