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The GREEN LUNG bangkok

Get some fresh air at Bangkok’s Green Lung. which goes to show some are green conscious and something you wouldn't expect to find like this in Bangkok, Nicknamed the Green Lung, the Bang Krachao green space is located in the outskirt district of Phra Pradaeng.

Day Tripper: Get some fresh air at Bangkok’s Green Lung

Looking for a great place to hop on the ol’ bicycle and get some fresh air over the weekend? Nicknamed the Green Lung, the Bang Krachao green space is located in the outskirt district of Phra Pradaeng, and is an absolutely fantastic place within the city limits to explore.

Nestled within a large bend in the Chao Phraya River, the Green Lung is appropriately named. Besides the fact that you’ll be filling your lungs with clean air, the whole area itself closely resembles a green lung when you look at it from above. Open up a satellite image of Bangkok and see if you can spot it.

How to get there

The best way to reach it is to take a boat (most likely a long-tail boat) across the river for THB10 per person. The boats moor around the piers near Wat Klong Toey Nok — a temple worth visiting for a moment and admiring in its own right.

Once you get to the other side, you’ll have a few bicycle shops to choose from. Most of them offer bicycle rentals for THB80-100 per day, and you’ll get a handy map of the area. The owners are all very friendly and will happily offer advice and assistance.

Be sure to bring along some form of ID to use as collateral (and some sunscreen or a hat wouldn’t be a bad idea either). Pick out a bike that suits you and off you go!

lots more here

Bang Krajao - Bangkok's Green Lung
credit@ Dr.David
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Re: THE GREEN THING - Smokey buses
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A bit more on the GREEN THING, which won't make a great impact on the enviroment but it's a start and it does show how people are getting conscious to the fact, a guy reports a smokey bus, a Facebook user posted a video showing clouds of thick, black smoke emanating from it story below.

Social media sleuth snares smokey bus

An emission test showed that the pollution level of the bus is currently at 99 per cent. Photo: PLTO

Facebook user Joke Moodie, who posted the video, immediately alerted authorities to take action and shut the bus down.

Phuket Land Transport Office (PLTO) Chief Policy Adviser Jaturong Kaewkasi said that the exhaust emission test showed pollution levels at 99 per cent when measured this morning.

“We spray-painted a ‘Do Not Use’ sign on the windshield of the bus right away,” he said. “By law, black smoke emissions cannot exceed 45 per cent of the exhaust. The bus will remain grounded until it is repaired.”

Mr Jaturong has urged citizens to notify authorities of any such vehicles on social media by posting number plates, as well as pictures and/or videos stating the time and date, or calling the PLTO on 1584.

“Photos help us a lot as they can be used to to prevent people from making fake reports,” Mr Jaturong said
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The Tree House is not for everyone.  For your sake and ours, please read on to find out whether you and the Tree House are a compatible match We won't, don't, can't fumigate the area to get rid of insects and other local species .As we are in tropical country, we do have mosquitoes but the gentle river breeze helps makes insects less of a problem.

We have beautiful outdoor showers in most of our nests, where only birds and other animals can see you. Our nests do have bamboo curtains you can pull down.

We do not have air-conditioners in most of our public space but instead rely on the natural river breeze. All our nests do have small but efficient air-conditioners so you can sleep in comfort while having minimal impact on the environment.

We do not have roads for cars leading to the Bangkok Tree House, the only way to access our secluded location is by foot, bike or boat.
you will love the Bangkok Tree House if you love trees, plants, exotic lizards, birds, fireflies, cicadas, butterflies and mother nature.

STAYING IN A TREE HOUSE! // Bangkok, Thailand
credit@ Mari Johnson
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Making the city greener

Pa Nai Krung, a man-made forest near Suvarnabhumi International Airport, is part of PTT's afforesting project

Visitors use the skywalk to appreciate the forest.

It is probably a concrete jungle that the people of Bangkok feel most at home with. But that's no longer the case specifically in the eastern part of the city, thanks to Pa Nai Krung -- literally forest inside the city -- which has recently become an environmental landmark in the area.

Located on Sukhaphiban 2 Road, only 15 minutes drive from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the 12 rai, man-made forest is the brainchild of PTT. Since 1994, the oil and gas company has committed to afforesting more than a million rai across the country. Though this project was completed, the company realised that Bangkok is still short of green areas.

"After all this time we have finally come to realise that we have neglected things that are important to us. So, we decided to grow a forest in the city," said Prasert Salinla-Umpai, PTT executive vice-president, corporate communications and social responsibility.

Before the project started, the land was a garbage dump. But after being developed, it has been divided into three sections -- 75% forest, 10% water and 15% land.

Pa Nai Krung is not as dense or green as a forest should be, but it's still in the early planting stage.

"We've disorderly planted a variety of trees mixing between fast- and slow-growing plants that provides shade to replicate a real forest. When they are all mature, there will be trees, shrubs and herbs all over Pa Nai Krung," Prasert added.

Upon entering Pa Nai Krung, visitors walk through a rammed earthen wall, which gives the place a natural look and functions as a heat insulator. Through the wall, a permanent exhibition on seeds from different trees are on display.

Then guests will be welcomed to an area screening a short movie showing how Bangkok in the past was connected with the environment as shown through several district names. For example, the word Bangkok derives from makok (olive) signifying the area abounded with olive trees. Another example is Bang Kae, which was once full of agasta trees.


The following room adorned is a forest atmosphere screens another short movie narrating how trees and forests benefit the ecological system. Right after the movie, the screen will be turned into a door leading visitors to experience Pa Nai Krung.

The concept of the forest is not just a place where people come and spend their time doing recreational activities, but it's more like a place to learn how forests can benefit people and where they can learn to embrace nature in their life.

In afforesting, PTT applies a theory by a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology, Akira Miyawaki. Miyawaki believes that the best way is building a forest of native trees and let them grow naturally as the best management is no management.

But different level of plants, including trees, shrubs and herbs are all needed for diversity.

Visitors can stroll on a skywalk where they get a chance to see plants from a treetop view. Along the way, signs are put up explaining different trees in different plant communities such as waterfall plants, palm plants, evergreen forests and riparian forests. However, if strolling the place on one's own, it is not easy to distinguish one from the others. The skywalk leads to a tower which gives visitors a 360-degree bird's eye view of the forest. On the tower,, visitors can also see the transition between greenery and surrounding areas, as well as view Suvarnabhumi airport. On the rooftop of the exhibition building is a garden where different kinds of flowers are planted. This part is designed to help blend the building with forest and to insulate it.

Before the visit ends, visitors can re-enter the building to study relationships between people and forests, afforesting techniques and different theories, and much more. Information is available on digital screens.

"We hope that the project will provide an opportunity for people to realise how important forests are," said Prasert. "We also hope that it will help raise awareness to preserve forests, as well as encourage people to plant more trees."

Pa Nai Krung opens Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-4pm. Admission is free. Visit

The viewing tower.

Pa Nai Krung is divided into three sections — 75% forest, 10% water and 15% land.

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Re: THE GREEN THING -off the grid
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Free from the system and the grid

A Thai man, is part of a group of advocates for sustainable building and living “off the grid.”
They’ve built a house out of earth that protects them from the seven months of snow they get each year.
He published a YouTube video about his life on Monday and it’s already had more than 6,000 views.

What a sense of humour this guy has dancing around, he picks his nose on film and likes a drink

พันความรู้ 07 : บ้านดินผสมยางรถยนต์สุดแกร่ง! โดยพี่โจน จันใด (English Sub)
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