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Title: The "Rain Sucker" This will save us all from a drought - video
Post by: thaiga on July 18, 2015, 05:26:49 PM
Floating hermit unveils 'Rain Sucker' to solve drought crisis


Everyone is kicking themselves for not thinking of this first.

A 72-year-old hermit who “rose” to fame four years ago by floating off his yoga matt showed off his innovative solution to Thailand’s drought problems.

Hermit Puttha Jaran said his "Rain Sucker," which appears to be some hoses wrapped around some metal bars, was inspired by the Egyptian pyramids and will save us all from crusty drought.

"This machine surely has a power!" he told to reporters invited to his home Tuesday. "But I can't tell what kind of power it is because the scientists haven't studied it yet."

Puttha Jaran said his rain sucker is based on the science of the pyramids, the earth's magnetic field and the Milky Way. There’s no further information about how those three “forces” are related or used by his rain sucker, or how it will make it rain, for that matter. And that’s fine with us.

The machine has been installed poolside at his home in Chiang Mai. After he turned it on, it suddenly became very windy, Thairath (http://www.thairath.co.th/content/511620)reported.

“Let’s see what happens!” he said.

"ฤาษี-พระ" ทำพิธีขอฝน-ฝนตกจริง | เช้าข่าวชัดโซเชียล | 16-07-58 | ThairathTV (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZncQNZ3i0U#)

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