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PTT, IRPC eye biodiesel with jet fuel in mind
« on: March 25, 2012, 08:01:12 PM »

PTT has joined with petrochemicals maker and refiner IRPC to conduct research and development on the production of biodiesel for passenger cars made from palm oil and the jatropha plant.

The cooperation between the two companies is part of PTT Research Institute's pilot project to produce bio-hydrogenated diesel. BHD uses palm oil and jatropha - also known as the physic nut tree - as raw materials.

Success in the project is expected to encourage PTT to go one step further and produce green jet fuel for aircraft.

Pilin Chuchottaworn, president and chief executive of PTT, said yesterday that IRPC's oil refinery, which concentrates on environmentally friendly manufacturing, would support the project.

He added that green biodiesel production would serve Thai Airways International's plan to reduce carbon emissions from the aviation business. THAI began trials of green fuels in its aircraft in December. PTT is an importer for the company.

Rattanawalee In-ochanont, R&D chief of PTT Research Institute, said PTT's green innovation drive is aimed at ensuring energy security for the Kingdom and the protection of its environment.

"Our raw-materials and technology development have high potential to push forward the development of green fuels for the aviation business," Rattanawalee said.

PTT's research centre in Ayutthaya has tried to grow oil palms and jatropha.

The green energy output from the centre is 20 litres per day.

In the first phase, the green fuel is being tested in passenger cars for one year to learn more about its effects.

In the second phase, the project will receive input from THAI on its demand levels, to ensure economy of scale and PTT's return on investment.

If it is decided that sufficient volumes can be produced, the manufacturing plant will be finished within two to three years.
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