Author Topic: New island rises up in Phung River  (Read 1115 times)

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New island rises up in Phung River
« on: November 08, 2017, 12:09:30 PM »

The uplifted land which has formed a new island in the Lam Nam Phung, Sakon Nakhon, since early Saturday morning. (Photo by Pratuan Kajhonvuttinun)

SAKON NAKHON: A new island 100 metres long has appeared in the middle of a stretch of the Phung River, and believed to be composed of uplifted river sediment.

The strip is about 15 metres wide, with about 80 centimetres visible above the water, and was first noticed  by nearby residents on Saturday morning.

It is in a section of the river at Ban Lao Malong in tambon Dong Chon of Muang district, which borders tambon Tong Khob in Khok Si Suphan district.

Sansonthi Boonyothayan, an independent earth sciences scholar, said the Phung River - also known as Lam Nam Phung - is a natural waterway with its source on Phu Phan Mountain. The uplifted land was likely to be riverbed.

He said it was an accumulation of sediment that had built up in the area. It would be very soft and it was not safe to walk upon it.

It was likely the heavy rains in Sakhon Nakhon had led to an accumulation of water, both on the surface and underground. When the underground water reached a certain level the upwelling pressure also pushed the land upwards.

Another possibility for the island's sudden appearance was a mild movement of the earth.

“People should not walk on or attempt to survey the island because it is still not known what lies beneath it. It may be a water channel that could collapse. It would be even riskier if it is a gas bubble,” he said.

A sign has been erected to warning people to stay off the new island.

Bangkok Post

I think there were a lot of undergroud water movements this rainy season. In our pond, that has been dug about 3 m deep into the grown soil, just a couple of weeks ago nearly all fish died without any apparent reason. I think that was due to movements of the salty groundwater, caused by salt farming, and the fertilizer they put on the rise fields that got washed into the groundwater by the rains.

I can imagine, that there will also be a lot of sinkholes and broken houses due to these earth and groundwater movements.